Year 3 Stone Age Trip

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Last Thursday, Year 3 travelled back in time – all the way to the Stone Age.  To do this, we had to travel to Luton and visit the Stockwood Discovery Centre. Everyone was very excited as we rode on the coaches down the motorway. The grown ups couldn’t believe the volume of enthusiastic chatter!

After putting our coats and lunches safely away for later, we took part in a range of workshops and teacher-led activities. We considered life as hunter-gatherers – learning which plants and animals were good to eat, and which might kill us! We learnt how useful an auroch could have been – some children even got the chance to dress up as one!

In the other workshop, we saw how long a timeline we would need to go back the 800,000 years to the beginning of the Stone Age. We also had the opportunity to handle some real Stone Age artefacts. The children used their knowledge of the three pre-historic eras to sort the objects into the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

We also had the chance to explore the beautiful walled gardens, discover some chickens and clamber on the wooden play area. We were enthralled by Europe’s largest collection of carriages and spotted the locally important Wenlock Jug, which dates from the 1400s.

Look through the photos to see what a wonderful day we had. The children engaged brilliantly in all the activities, demonstrated their learning and represented Ecton Brook Primary School excellently. One of the workshop leaders described them as ‘delightful’ and welcome to return.

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