Commonwealth Games Legacy – Yr5 Young Leaders

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This afternoon the year 5 Young Leaders ran a Commonwealth Games event for year 3.

This was well presented, well organised and a pleasure to watch how confident our year 5’s are.  They demonstrated each event and helped the children to join in and enjoy the games.

The Year 3’s were determined and ambitious to beat their previous scores with 100% encouragement from the Young Leaders, which ties in nicely with our school games values.

After the event the year 5 Young Leaders were recognised and celebrated for their hard work and achievements over the past year.  The Young Leaders have set up a station every lunchtime for other children to learn new activities and have fun during their playtimes.  They have also run ‘Yr1 and Yr2 Festivals’ and today completed the ‘Commonwealth Games Legacy’ for Yr3.

Thank you Year 5 Young Leaders for all your hard work and effort.

A Young Leader helping a Yr3      Standing Long jump                                       Sitting Volleyball                                         Lawn Bowls

with his shoelaces

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