Happy Holidays Years 6

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We have been really pleased with effort and determination of the children to improve their work this term. Considering the impact of the lockdown, earlier in the year, we have seen real improvement in each and every child.

Over the holidays we would like the children to research into the life and times of William Shakespeare. These could include:

  • What were the important dates in Shakespeare’s life? (e.g. birth, marriage, birth of children, etc…)
  • What key events were happening in the world at the time?
  • What can you find out about Shakespeare’s life (family, children, marriage and where he lived).
  • Where did people go to see his plays? What kind of people went to see his plays?
  • What plays he writes? Did he write anything else?
  • What have other authors and actors said about his work?
  • Why have Shakespeare’s plays been enjoyed over such a long period? How are they remembered today?

To support the children in this research, we have included some links below for them to utilise. The children will then share this research with their group when they return to the classroom.






Thankyou all for your support this year.

We hope you have a restful holiday and enjoy spending quality time with your family.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Years 6

  • 25th December 2020 at 7:03 pm

    hi teachers, i have done some research on william shakespeare and have made a powerpoint. i dont know if i am allowed to put links to it on here so i will just share you my slide….

    Shakespeare was an English poet, playwriter and actor. He was born on the 23rd April 1564 which is also the date he died on in 1616. Shakespeare lived in Stratford-upon-Avon and once again died there to. It is not known how or why Shakespeare died but several theories have stated that he died after contracting a fever (typhus) following a drinking binge with friends Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton suggesting that Shakespeare could have known his life was coming to an end.

    thankyou for reading my post and i wish you all a merry christmas, or whats left of it.

  • 28th December 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Hello everybody! 👋 I hope you have been doing good during the holiday. I have done some research on William Shakespeare and I would like to share my work with you…

    William Shakespeare

    The famous English playwright (William Shakespeare) was born on April the 23rd, 1564 in
    Stratford-upon-Avon. He was a Christian along with his parents. Like all children, he went to school for his education. The majority of scholars believed that he went to King Edward VI school.

    At the age of 18, William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway -she was older than him by eight years. Six months later, in 1583, they had their first child Susanna. In total they had three children.

    Roughly around when he was 25, Mr Shakespeare started writing plays for entertainment ; he enjoyed the theatre. His greatest plays were staged at the Globe Theatre and the Blackfriars theatre. While he planned and made his performances, he collaborated with other people alike. Due to a plague, his opera had to shut down. Instead, he wrote poems because he knew he had the potential to do so.

    On the 23rd of April 1616, the prominent men passed away ,which happens to be on his birthday. How did he die? It still remains as a mystery. Numerous theories suggest he drank binge and contracted a fever (also known as typhus). A more convincing assumption is that he was sick for over a month and passed on. His lasts words were from his play ‘Julius Caesar’. All he had time to say was ‘Et tu, brute! Then fall Caesar.’

    I hope you enjoyed my piece of information about William Shakespeare and have a happy new year! 🎉

  • 4th January 2021 at 4:59 pm

    Hello teachers,I am happy to present my William Shakespeare research to you…

    On April 1564 in Stratford upon-avon ,William Shakespeare was born to John and Mary Shakespeare.William had alot of sibilings ,they are: Joan,Edmund,Gilbert,Margaret,Anne and Richard Shakespeare.He was educated at King Edward VI School and he was expected to go to school from Monday to Saturday.He was in school from 6 or 7 in the morning to 5 or 6 in the afternoon and on his day off he went to church.

    William Shakespeare married Anne Hathway on the 27th of November 1582,together they had 3 children.Their children were: Hamnet,Judith and Susana Shakespeare.During his time as a playwrighter, he made:Hamlet,Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Othello.He died on the 23rd of April 1616 in Stratford upon-avon.

    Thank you for reading this and have a happy new year.


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