1st December 2020: Home Working Expectations

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Hello again,

For those of you who are self isolating or are waiting for a test, please find below the work we are undertaking in class so you can continue working from home.

We have again linked this to the activities that you could have expected in class using resources from our planned lessons, the Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize.

Please ensure you continue to access the homework provided on the portals below.

Reading: https://educator-slz03.scholasticlearningzone.com/slz-portal/#/login3/GBR2VCR

SATs Companion: https://app.satscompanion.com/login



Oak Academy Lesson 1: Decimal Number Bonds

Oak Academy Lesson 2: Mental Addition and Subtraction

Oak Academy Lesson 3: Recognising Decimal Hundredths (Part 1)

Oak Academy Lesson 4: Recognising Decimal Hundredths (Part 2)

Oak Academy Lesson 5: Ordering Decimals


English Lesson 1: Using the word carpets developed in the class write a paragraph to create mood and atmosphere 

Use the modelled example below to show you how to build the mood and tension of your writing.

Walking slowly into her miserable, cluttered space (that some people may call a bedroom), Anne felt frustrated by the amount of arguing between Margot and Mother. As she sat on her chipped and rickety chair, she grabbed Kitty (her only way out) and started to write her diary upon the dusty, ornate desk. Through the cracked, stained windows she could see the sadness of the Jewish people shuffling in the dirty, slushy mush. Bright light reflected across the lumpy and uncomfortable bed. Anne reached up to her disorganised, cluttered bookcase to collect some stationary from a wooden pencil case.

We have provided you with the start of the sentence to help you start you paragraph

Walking carefully into her miserable, cluttered bedroom,

English Lesson 2: To use speech and punctuation

English Lesson 3: Develop a story structure on a Story Mountain.

Draw your story mountain in your books or a blank piece of paper (see below)

Develop story structure  of the Germans discovering Anne Frank’s hiding place in the annex and describe them being taken away. You may want to start the story opening by describing a normal day within the annex.

Think carefully about what you need to include in each section of the plan. Utilise the vocabulary we have generated together and think about how to develop mood and atmosphere.

English Lesson 4: Write a 3rd person narrative about Germans discovering the Jews hiding in the annex. 

Using the story mountain developed yesterday, write a third person narrative (he, she, they) of the events leading up to the Frank’s discovery, the German’s searching the annex and their eventual capture. Use the Layout and the room descriptions to help describe the events within the annex.

History – WW11

Why was rationing introduced during the second world war?

Watch the following videos and make some notes. These can just be bullet points.


Activity – Create a poster to introduce and explain the rationing system to the civilians of World War II.

Religious Education – Islam

What are the festivals of Islam?

Please watch the next lesson in the series and complete the activity set. Follow the link below: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/what-are-the-festivals-of-islam-70u36r

Science – Evolution and Inheritance

What impact have humans had on plants and animals?

You are to continue learning all about Evolution and change over time. Please find below a link for lesson 5. Complete the lesson and any work set.


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  • 3rd December 2020 at 9:35 am

    I just wanted to say that in the 2nd maths lesson he gets a calculation wrong. He said that 84.4 = 80 + 0.4 but its 80 + 4 + 0.4

  • 3rd December 2020 at 9:37 am

    Oh so sorry for wasting your time i didn’t realize he corrected himself.


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