24th November 2020: Home Working Expectations

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Good day children,

For those of you who are self isolating or are waiting for a test, please find below the work we are undertaking in class so you can continue working from home.

We have again linked this to the activities that you could have expected in class using resources from our planned lessons, the Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize.

Please ensure you continue to access the homework provided on the portals below.

Reading: https://educator-slz03.scholasticlearningzone.com/slz-portal/#/login3/GBR2VCR

SATs Companion: https://app.satscompanion.com/login



Oak Academy Lesson 1: Recognising Decimal Tenths (Part 1)

Oak Academy Lesson 2: Recognising decimal tenths (Part 2)

Oak Academy Lesson 3: Comparing decimals 

Oak Academy Lesson 4: Rounding decimals (Part 1)

Oak Academy Lesson 5: Rounding decimals (Part 2)


Oak Academy English Lesson 1: To explore conjunctions 

English Lesson 2: Read the extracts from Anne’s diary and write a paragraph responding to the questions 

  • What do you think it’s going to be like to live in the annexe?
  • What would daily life be like?
  • Another family move in with the Franks how will this change Anne’s life?
  • What is Anne hoping will happen? What will she fear?

I see the eight of us in the Annex as if we were a patch of blue sky surrounded by menacing black clouds. The perfectly round spot on which we’re standing is still safe, but the clouds are moving in on us, and the ring between us and the approaching danger is being pulled tighter and tighter. We’re surrounded by darkness and danger, and in our desperate search for a way out we keep bumping into each other. We look at the fighting down below and the peace and beauty up above. In the meantime, we’ve been cut off by the dark mass of clouds, so that we can go neither up nor down. It looms before us like an impenetrable wall, trying to crush us, but not yet able to. I can only cry out and implore, “Oh, ring, ring, open wide and let us out!”

From the first morning, day after day , week after week, they must keep themselves hidden away.  All the time that the building was in use, they must stay quiet as mice in the annexe – they couldn’t so much as run a tap or flush the toilet. During work hours, when people were in the office and warehouse below, Anne and the others had to be especially quiet.  They could only whisper.

When friends of the Franks were sure no one was watching, they brought them food, magazines and other things.  These brave Dutch people were risking their lives.  They could have been sent way, too, if the Nazis discovered they were helping Jews. How Anne longed for Miep’s visits after the workers has gone.  She was always cheerful, with news of what was going on, bringing papers and books to pass the time, and bits of shopping.

Each evening everyone crept down to Mr Frank’s old office to listen to the radio.  Sometimes Anne went to the window and peeped between the curtains.  It was odd, looking out at the people on the street.  They all seemed hurried, so anxious and their clothes were so shabby.

Germany was losing the war and Anne was becoming optimistic that the war was soon going to be over and she would be going home.  News came to the annexe about an assassination attempt that had been made on Hitler’s life.  Night after night, Anne could hear waves of bombers passing overhead on their way to destroy German cities.  The night sky throbbed with their sullen roar.  If the annexe were bombed, everyone inside it would die.

Anne soon tired of living in the annexe.  Day after day the food was mostly the same.  After eight months Anne wrote, “We have eaten so many kidney beans and haricot beans that I can’t bare the sight of them anymore.” She was with the same people all the time.  They often argued.

At night Anne heard the frightening sound of large rats running about.  She heard burglars robbing the warehouse below and often the sounds of sirens, gunfire and bombs falling outside.  After eighteen months in the hideaway, Anne wrote, “I am longing, so longing for everything…to talk, for freedom, for friends, to be alone.  And I do so long … to cry!”  But Anne knew she was lucky.  While she was hiding, other Jews were being rounded up by the Nazis.

English Lesson 3: Read the extracts from Anne’s diary and write a paragraph responding to the question

What extra information do we now know about Anne’s life in the Annex?

English Lesson 4: Look at the picture of Anne’s bedroom and the kitchen/living area in the annex and make a Word Carpet.

Word carpet – create mood and atmosphere. 

  1. Choose nouns in the picture –
  2. Describe these nouns – use adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe the noun – choose words that create a mood/atmosphere
  3. Layer in imagery techniques – simile, metaphor, personification 

History – WW11

Why was it necessary for children to be evacuated during WW11?

Watch the following videos and make some notes. These can just be bullet points.


Activity – Write – pupils write a short report answering the question below:

1. Why was it necessary for children to be evacuated during WW11?

Religious Education – Islam

Where do Muslims worship?

Please watch the next lesson in the series and complete the activity set. Follow the link below:


Science – Evolution and Inheritance

Which organisms lived during each era of time?

You are to continue learning all about Evolution and change over time. Please find below a link for lesson 4. Complete the lesson and any work set.



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