We bid farewell to all our wonderful 2020 year 6 pupils.

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To all of our brilliant year 6 children,

This has been the most unusual of times for all of us and, even though we did not end the year as we intended, you have shown a confidence and resilience that will stay with you through secondary education and beyond. As we did not get chance to say our goodbyes to all of you, each of the teachers have left you a little message along with your memories.

Message from Mrs Willetts, Mrs Pallett and Mrs Patterson to 6JW 

6JW you are a class that we will all remember. You will be known as the year group that left us during the pandemic but you are much more than that and will leave us with so many great memories. You are the class that worked so incredibly hard to prepare for the SATs. You are the class that supported each other and looked after each other no matter what. You are the class that made us smile so much. (Even whilst sat in a wetsuit in A&E for 4 hours!) You have so much to be proud of and although you did not complete your SATs we know that your results would have been outstanding and that each and every one of you will have done your absolute best. We are so proud of you all and know that you will continue to be the best that you can be as you move on to your new schools. Take every opportunity offered to you and be brave in the choices that you make.


Message from Mr Whitfield, Mr Rogers, Mrs Moore and Mrs Patterson to 6WR

We feel so proud to have taught you this year and know that the hard work you have shown throughout our time together will serve you well in the future. After putting so much effort into preparing for the SATs, which you were within weeks of completing, you were prevented from showing how much you had improved and we know you would have all done amazingly well. But it is important to remember that your hard work isn’t wasted because the knowledge that you learnt is still so valuable and will be built upon when you start working with your specialist teachers. Remember that the mistakes we make are all part of the learning journey, they are meant to guide us and not define us. Use the successes you have achieved in year 6 to empower you to do great things in your new school. We will miss you all, but know you are ready for the next stage in your educational adventure. Make as many memories as you can and believe in yourselves.


Message from Mrs Wild, Mrs Unadkat and Mrs Patterson to 6RW

We wanted to let you know what a privilege it has been to teach each and every one of you. You have been an incredible cohort, showing an unrivalled resilience and determination to achieve the very best you can. We have been particularly impressed with how well you have coped during the very unusual circumstances we have found ourselves in. This proves that you are more than ready to take on the new challenges that secondary school will present and we wish you the very best of luck. You are an amazing bunch of children. We will all miss you all hugely but go out there and achieve your dreams. Please pop back and visit when you can.

2 thoughts on “We bid farewell to all our wonderful 2020 year 6 pupils.

  • 17th July 2020 at 6:38 pm

    Thank you for all the wonderful years and memories

  • 25th July 2020 at 3:33 pm

    I love being with u guys I will visit and see new children. Thank you for all the memory and support.


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