Year 6 Home Learning Week Commencing 13th July

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Dear children and parents,

As a school we would like to say a massive goodbye to our amazing year 6 children.  We wish them every success as they make their way on their journey to the next phase of their lives and learning.  They have been a credit to themselves, their parents and our school and will be very much missed.  We all know how hard they worked in the run up to SATs and know that every single child would have done their absolute best and would have achieved to their potential.  It has been fantastic to see the children back in school at the picnics for one last time and to be able to celebrate their time at Ecton Brook Primary School.  The children and staff enjoyed catching up and seeing how much the children seem to have grown in the last few months!  Keep an eye on the blog next week as we will post the videos and photos from the picnics as our virtual leaver’s assembly.  Make sure you have tissues at the ready when you are watching it!

Stone Snake

Wow! This snake just keeps growing. Thank you to those of you that have added to our stone snakes.

If you haven’t added to them yet, you can still leave your painted pebbles in the boxes outside of each office and we will add them to the snakes for you.

Bellinge Campus Snake

EB Campus Snake


As this is our last week together, we would like you to attempt some of the maths puzzles and challenges below. Have fun!!

Break down these codes so you can work out all the words related to the summer.


This week we would like you to complete one of the projects below. You can use paper, use Office365 or a combination of both.
1) A place to play – there is a piece of waste land you want to turn into a park
  • Write list of people who could use it and what for
  • Write persuasive letter to council
  • Design poster for a meeting with local residents to ask them what they want
  • Draw plans and diagrams of how you will make park suitable for all ages
  • Write a playscript of the meeting
  • Write a newspaper report about what is happening to the waste land.
2) Animal magic – creating an animal park/zoo
  • Draw a map of your animal park
  • Design a leaflet for visitors
  • Advertise your park in some way.
  • Create an animal report
  • Write to companies asking for sponsorship
3) Island adventure – create your own island
  • Draw a map of your island
  • Think of an interesting way to get to your island and write about your journey
  • Design a shelter and write instructions telling someone else how to build one
  • You get into trouble on your island. Write about what happens.
  • Create a fact file for an animal you find on your island (real or imaginary)
4) Time Machine
  • design a time machine and use it to travel
  • draw a diagram of your time machine, inside and out
  • Choose a place/time to go to and write about the journey there
  • Write/draw what you see/smell/hear/feel when you step out of the time machine
  • You find an important object – draw/write about it
  • Write about your adventure and how you get back.


Why not try these Terrific Scientific Experiments and fun activities (click on the link below).


Let us test your knowledge of history. Have a go at these online quizzes.

Art Challenge

This week we would like you to choose one or two of the challenges below and be as creative as possible.

Transition to Secondary Schools

We have continued to engage with the secondary schools to establish the most up to date information on transition for all of our year 6 pupils. As you can see below, secondary schools are using a range of ways to communicate with parents: from direct communications using emails and letters; by posting new information on their websites or blogs and through interactive, online transition days or activities. We have added more information below, highlighted in blue, purple, orange and red to hopefully give you current information from our various communications with the secondary schools.

  • Northampton Academy have a dedicated section of their website for year 6 to year 7 transition (see below). Key contacts for year 7 have now been added and links to important letters (letters relating to transition dated 5th May / 9th June and  leadership structure at Northampton Academy) They state that they are hoping to invite pupils in before the summer. Northampton Academy organised an excellent transition day on Monday and, from the feed back of the children, it looks as though many of you engaged. Well done

  • Moulton School have also created a nice portal on their website dedicated for year 6 to year 7 transition (see below). This gives a helpful introduction to the school with information regarding transition such as uniform, transport, free school meals, attendance, lockers, etc along with online forms for parents and pupils to complete with contact info, medical needs, consents, music tuition requests etc. Children due to attend this school should have received a letter in April. They are also hoping to arrange a ‘virtual’ parent talk soon. Have a look at the welcome pack link for more information:

  • Wootton Park School have told us that pupils will be contacted individually and some one to one zoom meetings may have already taken place. Virtual transition day will be taking place on the 6th July 2020. It will involve videos from the Principal, the head of year, the well-being team and the transition team. There will also be examples of Year 7 lessons from Maths, English, Science and Spanish. On transition day they will be launching their summer booklet, a series of academic activities with the school motto as its theme. They should have already offered and delivered Virtual 1:1 meetings for all learners and their parents between June 1st and June 22nd. When the learners return, they are going to set up drop in sessions from the beginning with the wellbeing team and their peer mentors, assuming a normal return to school. Have a look at the welcome pack link for more information:

  • Weston Favell Academy also have a dedicated section of their website which contains a virtual tour of the school. (see below). The website now also contains transition activities and and a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section. Transition days and evenings will not go ahead this year as originally planned.  They will communicate these changes on the academy website and when we receive any information, we will post this on their subsequent blog posts. Parents should have received (or will receive within the next week) a letter via email to share transition details. They have now added video introductions (from the principle, head of year and pastoral leader), welcome from their form tutors, welcome from current pupils and the day in the life of a year 7 child. The website also provides  links for forms (such as student details and consent forms), uniform information, guidance on attendance and transportation.

  • Kingthorpe College have a virtual tour (see link below). Kingsthorpe College sent out an initial pack in March requesting data collection and some information about the school. Parents should receive, through the post week commencing 6th July 2020, the name of her tutor and a further letter detailing correspondence. Within this letter there are links to a screencast video for parents, a video which allows students to meet tutors virtual and finally a link which will allow parents to book a time with their tutors to receive a call. Kingsthorpe College have now updated their website with some important dates and information (transition letters, uniform and a welcome to the year 6 children who will be joining them in September).

  • Northampton School for Boys have virtual iBooks for year 6 pupils and parents. We await further information on any additional transfer details. They have now included a virtual tour of the school and have parental information on the links at the bottom of the page (click on the link below). We have also been advised that they will be adding more content to the website over the coming weeks (e.g. videos, links, information). NSB have revamped their website and there are now two sections to this webpage – one for parental information (catering, home-school agreement, frequently asked questions, subject summaries, etc) and one for the children to access (these include video tours, a welocome from the Head Teacher/ Chair of Governors, interviews with staff and children, frequently asked questions, etc…). They now also include a transition booklet for both parents and children (click the link to gain direct access )

  • Northampton School for Girls  have a dedicated page on their website for year 6 to 7 transition. We await further information on any additional transfer details. There will be no transition days this year and their main contact/communication will be through their Year 6 transition webpage. On the webpage there is a virtual tour, maps and they are going to be posting a ‘Transition Booklet’ in the coming weeks. NSG will be sending out a welcome pack from the Head Teacher containing a personal introduction to the school and they will also be publishing their Transition Booklet, which will give further information about the school, on their website (see the link on the Year 7 Transition page – link attached below).

  • Abbeyfield School have a dedicated section of their website, they have now added a revised induction booklet with information about the school and what the children will need. They are have now organised a ‘virtual transfer evening’ for Wednesday 8th July 2020 at 5:30pm as a loud webinar. This will be recorded and available on the website after the event. Instead, we are going to have a webinar so that you can meet us virtually. The invitation to join is on Edulink and information on how to set this up your Edulink account should have already been sent (contact Abbeyfields on 01604 763616). They have been  sending all of their new students a book and some activities – of which some details have been included on the website. They have included a pamphlet for both children and parents while each week they are adding weekly challenges and then showing the weekly responses online. If you have questions or concerns that you feel could do with a personal conversation Mr Hall who will be Head of Year 7 will be available for phone conversations on the 13 & 14 July. Please call the school office 01604 763616 to book a time slot.

  • Northampton International Academy have information about the school on the website but we await further information regarding any transition arrangements.  They have recently added a video: introducing the head of the school and a virtual tour of the school building (click on the link for NIA below). This week they have added a dedicated page for Year 6 to Year 7 Transition for all the information regarding moving to Northampton International Academy.

  • Weavers Academy have a dedicated section on the website for the year 6 and 7 transition with an informative video from Mr Mawby who normally organises their transfer from the primary to secondary school setting. They have also added transition activities for the children to complete, information for parents and information from each subject tutor. There are also forms to be completed for Transition Data Collection Form and Language Preferences.

  • Thomas Beckett have added a video to their website containing a message from the Head teacher, a guided tour and some experiences from the existing students. We have updated the link below so you can go directly to this page. They have advise packs of information have been sent out to parents and phone calls have taken place with a number of families. If you have any questions, contact their school office on 01604 493211 or email They have attached a letter dated 26th June 2020 ( ) and a transition booklet ( The school are planning  to organise a number of small-scale school induction meetings for all students who wish to attend. These opportunities will be 30-minute appointments and we will have a maximum of 10 children (with 1 parent per child) in each group. These sessions will take place on Monday 6th July, Tuesday 7th July and Wednesday 8th July. They will hopefully take your children for a quick tour of the school and then return for a final chance to ask questions. This opportunity will have such a positive impact for the children to be able to see the school and meet some of the staff.
    Please book a slot on the link below:
    You may wish to take a look at our welcome video, featuring a message from our Headteacher, Head of Year 7 and lots of
    information and advice from our current Year 7 students:

  • Woolston Secondary School have a dedicated page for 2020 transition page on their website (click the picture below to gain access to this website). They will be adding further information to their website for students in the coming weeks.

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