Year 2 – Home Learning Week Commencing 13th July 2020

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Hello again Year 2,

Wow, we can’t believe how quickly our time together in Year 2 has flown by. We know this year has been a little strange and we really miss not being with you especially during the summer term when the weather is glorious and there are so many exciting things to learn about. We know lots of you have been working hard at home looking at the blog activities and practicing your reading, writing and maths.  We are very proud of each and every one of you and are sure you are ready for the move to Year 3 in September.

The Year 2 boys have shown great determination when competing in the Year 2 boys verses girls TTRockstar competitions. Come on girls, lets see if you can win it one final time. 

Have a great summer holiday and we will see you in September, 

Miss Croot, Miss Nice, Mrs Anstey and Mrs Norris

Stone Snake

Thank you to those of you that have added to our stone snakes, they are looking ssssssssuper! If you haven’t added to them yet, you can still leave your painted pebbles in the boxes outside of each office and we will add them to the snakes for you.

Bellinge Campus Snake

EB Campus Snake

Transition to Year 3

You now know that your new teacher will be Miss Dorman, Mr Bridge or Ms Clarke, and hopefully you have watched their video introducing themselves and showing you around the classrooms and Year 3/4 area.  Before you all take a well earned rest over the summer holidays, we would like to help you get ready for all of the new adventures that await you in Year 3.  If you have any questions for you new teachers, you can comment on the blog and we will get back toy you as soon as we can. 

Activity 1 – Year 2  A trip down memory lane.

We would like you to have a think about all the things you have experienced during your time in Year 2. Think about what you have enjoyed learning about, new activities you have tried and friendships you have made. Can you create a Year 2 Memory page, don’t forget to include drawings. Below are some examples of how you might like to set it out on your page. They also have some headings of things you might like to write about.  We would love it if you left us some comments on this blog post to remind us all of your favourite memories of this year. Some of our favourite memories have been……

  • Our Fairy Day when the Goblin King came to steal our food. You were all really good at teaching him good manners!
  • Our amazing visit from Neil Armstong. You were all able to ask him some very interesting and relevant questions.
  • Our visit to Venice including a plane journey, gondola ride and snack in a Venetian cafe. We all had great fun and learnt so much about the setting for The Merchant of Venice.
  • Our trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester. We were all fascintated by this topic and loved seeing all the exhibits, especially the spce toilet!


Activity 2 – All about me.

Your new Year 3 teachers can’t wait to meet you and get to know you. We would like you to create a mini fact file all about yourself. Think about what you would like your new teacher to know about you. It might include information about your family, how many brothers or sisters you have, your favourite sports, books, food or hobbies you enjoy taking part in.  Don’t forget to include topics you enjoy learning about at school.This something that you could keep very safe over the summer holidays and bring into school with you to share with your new teacher in September.

Activity 3 – Hopes and Dreams for Year 3

We would like you to think about some of the things you would like to achieve or improve as you move into Year 3. Think about your hopes for Year 3, what would you like to improve. You might want to improve your reading skills, develop your handwriting or your ability to spell those tricky words that we all find difficult. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big improvement, lots of little small achievements can really add up.  What are your dreams for Year 3. You may like to try a new sporting activity, learn a new art technique or join an after-school club. Below are some of the ways you might like to display your thoughts. Have fun!



Things to Remember


Here are all the words we have learnt to read and spell this year.  Next year, there will be lots of new words to learn so keep practising these so you don’t forget them.


You will be able to use TTRockstars over the summer holiday of you wish to.  Remember, it’s the 10x, 2x and 5x tables that you should know before you go into Year 3. Next year, you will be learning more of your tables so it would be good to learn as many as you can before September. 

This week the boys won again! Well done boys, you have really tried hard with your tables at home during lockdown! We hope you will be able to remember them all in September.  Girls, maybe you could try to get higher up the school leader board over the holidays.


We have free access to the Scholastic Reading program until the end of the summer holiday, so keep reading using this and real books.  It is really important that you keep up your reading confidence ready for Year Three, so read lots of books, comics and magazines over the holiday.  We have assigned you two new books this week. Happy Reading!

This week’s reading stars are…..














Super reading last week, well done!



This week we are going to be continuing our learning about life cycles, this time, looking at the life cycles of plants.

Watch this video from BBC Bitesize which will show you the different stages of a plants life and teach you some key vocabulary on this subject.

Activity 1

Go out into your garden or on a walk.  Have a look around at the different plants that you can see.  Can you see any plants that have fruits? Their seeds will be dispersed by animals.  Can you see any plants whose seeds will be dispersed by the wind?

Activity 2

market deeping community primary school, market deeping, primary ...

Dandelions are a plant found in lots of places in this country.  Watch this short animation that shows the life cycle of a dandelion:

When you are in your garden or out on your walk, have a look to see if you can spot any dandelions at different stages of their lives. They have bright yellow flowers that turn into fluffy dandelion clocks.

Can you record the information that you have learnt about the life cycle of a dandelion? You can choose how to present this. You might like to use drawings, photographs, craft materials or real dandelions that you have found! Remember, we would love to see them! You can ask a grown up to take a picture of your work and send it to us via Messenger on the school Facebook page.

Activity 3

One of the best ways to explore the life cycles of plants is by growing your own.  If you can, plant some seeds.  Try to remember all the things that are important for making a plant grow.  Look after it carefully and watch what happens.  You could create a seed diary where you record how your seeds change and grow.  Cress, sunflower or runner bean seeds are great for children to plant as they germinate and grow quickly and easily.

Creative – Personality Swirls

Thinking about our time in year 2 coming to an end and moving into year 3, we would like you to let your personality shine in your creative work this week!

These are some examples of personality swirls:

Personality Swirls - Google Slides

Personality Swirls | smart artist class

Personality Swirls: Getting to Know You Activity by a faithful ...

Can you see how they are all different and unique to the person who made them?

To create your personality swirl, you need to:

  1. Draw your swirl on to a piece of plain paper.
  2. For every other section that you have created, add a word that describes your personality, or tells us something about your interests. You could also add your name to one of your sections. You can choose the style of writing that you use.
  3. Add colour and decorations! Choose colours that you like and add patterns and decorations of your choice. Let your creativity run wild!




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