Year 5 Home Learning Week Commencing 6th July

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Hello Year 5,

It’s hard to believe that we are into July already. Only a couple of weeks to go to the summer holidays. Remember to keep up the reading and as Tesco state in their adverts…EVERY LITTLE HELPS!

Our stone snakes are growing! We have boxes outside both sites so you can add your own stone.

Internet Safety (This activity is to completed at home)

  • Discuss their answers, using the answer sheet located at the bottom of the blog post.

Activity 1: What’s great about gaming?

  • Have a discussion with your parents about what you enjoy doing online and what to do if something worries you or makes you feel uncomfortable as this is an important way to keep you safe online.
  • The purpose of this activity is to help you talk about gaming. Create a poster to celebrate the games you enjoy playing online. It
    should include information on what the games are about and the different things that gamers might be able to do in them e.g. talk to
    others, make purchases. Explain the games to your parents and tell them what you enjoy about playing them. If you do not play any
    online games, talk about games you have heard about or video games you enjoy playing offline.
  • Once the activity is complete, explain the importance of telling a trusted adult if you experience anything that makes you worried, uncomfortable or upset while playing a game online.

Activity 2: Alfie and the Gamer

  • Explore the ‘Play’ section of the 8-10s website and read the advice on how to play games safely:
  • Sometimes in games, someone might try to pressure another gamer into playing with them, chatting to them or going to another
    game or app. Read the scenario below and think about the different ways the gamer tries to make Alfie play with them i.e. offer gifts/rewards, sends lots of messages, makes threats. Thinking about what you have learnt on the website, discuss what Alfie should
    do next (i.e. don’t reply, tell an adult he trusts and block the gamer).



Imagine that you are the only person in the world that knows about this creature. Write a non-chronological report (non-fiction explanation) about the creature…Here are some questions to help you. You may choose to use them as your section headings.

Remember the features of a non-chronological report…here is a check list to help you.


You can continue to use the Scholastic Virtual Reading Library online allowing you to access lots of different books on their website.

The Scholastic Reading Pro website ( please find enclosed the login details below.

Enter your username and password (remember that they are case sensitive)
Username: (first three letters of the pupil’s first name followed by first three letters of surname) All lowercase
For example: Harry Potter would be Username: harpot
Password: password1

If you have any issues accessing the website, please contact the school at .

SATs companion 

You will be set some more grammar work and an arithmetic test to complete this week.


This week, we have chosen some problems from the NRich website for you to have a go at.  Once you have finished, you can have a look at how others may have solved the problem by looking on the website.

Problem 1


Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

These questions may help you to get started with this problem.




What is global warming?

Make a poster to warn about the impacts of global warming, or how it can be reduced or write a report on global warming, explaining what it is, and what can be done to reduce its effects. Alternatively, you could imagine they have travelled through time to the year 2050, and describe how energy is produced and how different the environment may look.

What is climate change?


Here are some half animal portraits that Y5 and 6 pupils have done…have a go at one. Maybe you could sketch your own pet. Look out for sketches by the year 5 teachers next week!


Have a go at this fun PE challenge from The Youth Sport Trust…Why not challenge a family member?


4 thoughts on “Year 5 Home Learning Week Commencing 6th July

  • 6th July 2020 at 1:46 pm

    Hi all. I hope you are doing well during the pandemic. Here is what I came up with for English. I also have done other tasks you gave me as well at home.

    What is a Coorbismay?
    A newly discovered creature named Coorbismay is a dragon from an unknown terrain called Provicharm. It was discovered a few weeks ago. These are very rare animals and only a few exist.

    Why is it so tiny?
    These species are not meant to be directly seen by humans even though it can give luck (which is its power). If you do, it’s a risk. It might snuggle in your hand or it might give you bad luck for the rest of your life.

    Is it dangerous if I tell someone?
    As long as they don’t see the actual dragon then it’s fine. Direct eye contact can make bad things happen. It’s best if you remain it a secret.

    What does it eat?
    This fascinating being can devour anything! Once, a human recalled the dragon eating a whole dog in one go!

    Did you know that…
    The Coorbismay can grant you any wish if you have tamed it?

    I hope you enjoyed!

    • 7th July 2020 at 9:48 pm

      The Coorbismay sounds like a fascinating creature. I hope that, if I come across one, it gives me good luck and not bad!

      Great work Maysha.

      Mrs Hatfield

  • 9th July 2020 at 7:43 pm

    dear Mrs. willets,
    my name is nytia cuffy and I will be in your year 6 class. I wanted to say tat I looking forward to seeing you and all my friends. since you told us things about you I thought that i might tell you a few thing about me. here are facts about me
    1. I have 2 younger brothers
    2. I enjoy English and writing stories
    3. I am very strong minded and am not afraid to speak my mind and tell ideas
    4. I enjoy sports like net ball, football, and basketball.
    5. I am looking forward to SATS.

    I hope you like my facts and cant wait to see you in september.

    • 10th July 2020 at 10:52 am

      Thank you Nytia, I’m looking forward to September and all of the exciting things that we have planned for next year. My favourite unit is the Harry Potter one that we start the year with and I know that you will really love it as I know you enjoy writing and stories. I’m looking forwards to SATs too. I’ll see you in September. Try to find a good book to read over the summer and come and tell me about it once we are back at school. Mrs Willetts


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