Year 1 Home Learning Week Commencing 6th July

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Hi everyone we hope that you are all keeping well. We think the weather forgot that it was Summer this week, mind you the plants in the garden have had a drink at least. Look how much our snakes have grown!! Remember you can drop your painted stone off at both sites. Let’s grow it some more……


We hope you are keeping up the home reading and managing to complete some of the homework tasks. 😊

This is your home learning for this week…


This week please focus on your sequencing. Ask you adult to use the questions on the ‘Sequence’ section on the vipers bookmark below.



More books can be found at: Oxford Owl e-books library 

Login and join for free.  

On the library page click on…levels, book band and choose your child’s sticker colour. 


You can also read books from home. Remember to read a range of texts: fiction and non fiction books, poems, recipes, instructions, magazines, comics etc. 



Phonics Play – play games for your phonics stage – 

BBC Bitesize English – 

ICT Games. – Here is a lovely website with lots of activities related to phonics, English and other useful topic activities. 

On Youtube– these videos are great! 


Mr Thorne 

Geraldine the Giraffe 

Epic Phonics 

Mr MC 



This week’s learning is based on the book ‘Mr Grumpy’s Outing’. This book is a good way to focus on verbs (remember they are ‘doing’ words) and the ed ending that verbs have when they are relating to the past tense. The clips below show both the book and a short catchy song about the ed endings. Watch the ed endings clip first and then when you are watching the story clip see how many ed words you can spot.


Activity 1 – Below is a page from the book you will notice verbs with the ed endings, do they always sound like ed? When you say them out loud you might hear ‘t’ at the end of a word or ‘id’ can you spot the different way they sound?


Activity 2 – Watch this clip next………

Can you spot the words that have double consonants from the page of the book? can you list them?

Activity 3 – Make up your own little dance. You might include a wave, a hop, a kick, a jump, a shout, a twirl, a twist, a drop, a bend, a bow. Make it as silly as you like and then explain what you did. Write it down and remember to use the ed endings on your verbs!

Activity 4 – the following verbs are taken from the story, can you put them into full sentences?

Well done! We will continue with this story next week. Don’t forget that you can share your work in the blog comments or on the school Facebook Messenger page.


This week in maths we are still learning how to use directions and positions. This week we will be thinking about using – left, right, forwards and backwards. Remember that you can check which was is left by making a Capital L with your fingers on the left hand. Like in this picture.

A Trick to Help a Dyslexic Know Right from Left – Rants & Raves by ...

Suggested activities to deepen learning –

  • Play snakes and ladders with an adults
  • Draw a treasure map and write instructions for someone to find the treasure using – left, right, forwards and backwards.


  1. Play this treasure map game

Listen carefully to where the pirates are asking you to move.

5. Ask an adult very nicely to draw this picture out for you if you don’t have a printer and have a go at colouring the shapes in correctly.







Where is Antarctica and how can we find it on planet Earth?

Watch these video clips to find out.


Activity 1

Create an Antarctic scene. You could draw, paint or collage your picture. Or make a 3d model with scrunched up paper, cotton wool or real ice! Your scene must show the Antarctic habitat and what lives there. Get creative! Here are some ideas…


Activity 2

Using your knowledge of food chains, draw a food chain that can be found in Antarctica.

Watch this video to re-cap what a food chain is.




A year on Earth is made up of four seasons. Watch this short animation to find out more.

In the United Kingdom, we usually experience different weather in each of the four seasons, and can do different things in them.

Watch this clip to learn about the four seasons.


Activity 1

Play the four seasons game.

Activity 2

Look at the images and the video in the lesson as inspiration and have a go at drawing or painting your own picture of of summer.

2 thoughts on “Year 1 Home Learning Week Commencing 6th July

  • 10th July 2020 at 10:23 am

    Hello Mrs Startup,

    Coeyn has been enjoying his work and he was very excited when i told him he was going to be going up to year 2 with you. he let out a big YAY! think he likes you as his teacher. he also wanted me to tell you his tooth fell out today that is 3 now since lock down! He stayed over his Auntie Nics house on wednesday night so he done his school work with her and she was saying about how amazed she was with his spellings! she said she thought she would have to help him but he just wrote the words off the top of his head. like custard, pesto, etc. hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Anna and Coeyn

    • 10th July 2020 at 2:25 pm

      Hello Coeyn and family,
      I am also very excited to be moving up to Year 2 with the children. Another year full of fun and adventure! I’m very proud of how hard Coeyn has worked during this lockdown period. He is such a superstar!
      Three teeth! The tooth fairy must be very pleased with him too.
      Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.
      Mrs Startup


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