Year 2 Home Learning – Week Commencing June 29th

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Year 2 Home Learning – Week Commencing 29th June

Hello Year 2s. We hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine without getting too hot!  It has been lovely to speak to more of you on the phone and so many of you have been doing some amazing home learning.  Don’t forget to leave us a comment on here, or leave us a Messenger message on the school’s Facebook page if you want to show us any of your work, we would love to see it. This week, our work will be based around the story of the Highway Rat. Have fun!

Miss Croot, Miss Nice, Mrs Anstey and Mrs Norris

Stone Snakes

Here are our colourful stone snakes so far, slithering across the ground at each campus. Don’t forget that you can decorate your own pebbles and leave them in the box outside the office on your campus. The grown ups in school will then add all the stones to the snake and take a photo each week. We wonder how long and colourful they will get??






Bellinge Campus Stone Snake

Ecton Brook Campus Stone Snake


Our Reading Stars this week have all read the assigned books carefully and completed the quiz. Give yourselves a big pat on the back! Well Done!

Reading Stars

This week we have assigned you two animal books, one fiction and one non-fiction, to read and complete the quiz on Scholastic. If you are not able to use this, maybe you could find some animal books at home or ask a grown up to find you some information on the internet about an animal that interests you. Remember, it is really important to try to do a bit of reading every day so that you keep up the amazing progress you had made at school.


The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler.

Activity 1

Gosh, what a mean and unpleasant creature the Highway Rat is. We would like you to create a ‘Wanted’ poster to try and help catch this horrible villain.   You will need to provide an accurate and detailed description of the Highway Rat. Can you remember some of the descriptive vocabulary the author used in the story? Remember to use the illustrations in the story to help you write a detailed description of this dangerous and scheming character.  Wanted posters often give rewards to those people who help catch the criminal, what reward will you offer for information about the Highway Rat? Don’t forget to provide contact details so that people know who they need to give their information to.

Activity 2

We think the Highway Rat has a very busy life. He is always out riding his horse and looking for innocent people to stop. We would like you to write a diary entry. Diaries are a way of recording your feelings and things that have happened to you. Can you remember how a diary entry starts and finishes? You will need to put your drama goggles on and imagine you are the Highway Rat for the day, how would you spend your day and how would you feel about it?

Activity 3

Here are some questions about the story. We would like you to answer them and remember to use complete sentences.

  1. If your manners are rude and rough, how might you behave?
  2. The duck tries to persuade the Highway Rat to go to the cave. Explain two ways she does this?
  3. How do you know the Highway Rat was a baddie?
  4. What is there to eat in the cave?


Activity 4

The Highway Rat travels a long distance meeting many different animals on his journey. We would like you to draw a map of his journey along the winding road, through the dark, damp cave, eventually ending up in the cake shop in town. Using your map, can you write some instructions for the Highway Rat to follow so that he can make his way to the glorious cake shop? Remember to number your instructions in order and to use imperative verbs (bossy words). Here is our example:

  1. Mount your horse.
  2. Trot straight ahead along the road.



There has been a big increase in the number of you using Times Table Rockstars and NumBots this week which is brilliant to see. Remember, we hope that most of you will all know your 2x, 5x and 10x tables and the related division facts when you go into Year 3 so this is something important to do regularly at home. If you want a challenge, move onto your 3x table.  TT Rockstars will automatically move you through these tables so keep going! The girls worked extra hard last week and have won the tournament. Here are the results and the top five players on each team. We wonder if the boys will make a come back this week!

This week we are going to do some learning to remind us of the division work we have done in school.  Watch this video to remind you of grouping and sharing when you divide. Remember that TT Rockstars will help you practise your division as well as your multiplication.

Use objects at home or draw your own marks on paper to solve these word problems.

Can you solve these next problems? You may be able to spot the answer without working them out f you have been practising your times tables.

Science and creative

In science over the next few weeks, we will be learning about life cycles of different animals and plants.  A life cycle is how something changes from the moment that it is born or is in its egg or seed to the point where it is an adult, fully grown and having babies, laying eggs or making seeds of its own.  There are lots of animals that go through many interesting changes during their life cycles.  This week we would like you to find out about one of the following animals: Butterfly, chicken, ladybird, frog or bee.

Do some research into your chosen animal using the internet or a book.  Can you find out how the animal starts its life? What changes does it go through during its life? What does it look like when it is fully grown?

It is up to you how you present your research.  Be as creative as you like! Here are a few ideas:

How to Make a Model of a Butterfly Life Cycle | Recipe | Butterfly ...3D Butterfly Life Cycle Craft - Easy Peasy and FunButterfly Life Cycle Project By: Annie | Making Homeschool FunLadybug Life Cycle | Ladybug life cycle, Ladybugs preschool, Life ...

Don’t forget you can send us pictures of your creations via a message to the school Facebook page.  We are looking forward to seeing them!


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