Year 1 Home Learning Week Commencing 29th June

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Hi Year 1 😊 How are you all? We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this week. It has been hot, hot, hot!!! As you can see above we have been busy in school creating a stone snake at each site. We would love it if you could add your own painted pebble to the snake. At the Ecton Brook site you will find it in the garden at the front of the school and at the Bellinge site there is a box by the entrance for you to place your painted pebble in. Lets see how long we can make it 😁


This is your home learning for this week…


This week please focus on your retrieval. Ask you adult to use the questions on the ‘Retrieve’ section on the vipers bookmark below.



More books can be found at: Oxford Owl e-books library 

Login and join for free.  

On the library page click on…levels, book band and choose your child’s sticker colour. 


You can also read books from home. Remember to read a range of texts: fiction and non fiction books, poems, recipes, instructions, magazines, comics etc. 



Phonics Play – play games for your phonics stage – 

BBC Bitesize English – 

ICT Games. – Here is a lovely website with lots of activities related to phonics, English and other useful topic activities. 


Youtube– these videos are great! 


Mr Thorne 

Geraldine the Giraffe 

Epic Phonics 

Mr MC 



Activity 1 Last week we met Mr and Mrs Grinling. Without watching the clip again can you answer the following questions?

1 What was the name of the lighthouse cat?

2 How did Mr Grinling get to the lighthouse?

3 How did Mrs Grinling deliver Mr Grinling’s lunch?

4 Who or what stole his lunch?


Activity 2 Again without watching the clip can you make a story map of the main parts of the story?


Activity 3 Watch the clip ……. did you miss anything? Do you need to add anything to your story?


Activity 4 Challenge yourself to write the story, use your story map and the tricky words spelling mat below. The focus of your writing is to remember the key facts of the story and make sure that you spell all of your tricky words correctly.



This week in maths we are going to finish up learning about Fractions and start learning about Position & Direction.

First let’s start by completing some questions on Fractions:

A quarter is a fraction. It is where split a whole into 4 equal groups.

Here is one quarter coloured in blue.

Here is a quarter of a pizza missing.


  1. Which of these shapes show one quarter? Remember that there has to be 4 equal groups.

2. Now have ago at these and complete the sentences:

Now it is time to learn about Position & Direction

First we need to learn some new maths vocabulary…

A Full Tern is where the it has turned all the way around and it is back to the same position or place it was in before.



Have a go at these:

2. Are these statements TRUE or FALSE?





Some materials will change shape when a force is applied to them. Watch this short film to learn more:


Using the world around you, can you spot objects that can be or have been:

  • squashed
  • twisted
  • bent
  • stretched

Challenge: See if you can find five objects for each.


Body percussion

You can make music without using instruments.

In this film, the young musicians begin to make music with help from British RnB singer Omar Lye-Fook.

They create their own melodies and rhythms from just the noises they can make with their bodies.

Activity 1:

Practice making sounds with different parts of your body.

Activity 2:

Watch the video to see how to play the Forbidden Rhythm game.

Forbidden Rhythm is a game that helps children develop a sense of pulse as a group.

The game involves you clapping a rhythm and the child repeating it back to you.

It can be adapted to play with one or more child.



Watch the video clips about different habitats.

Activity 1

Make your own habitat

Get creative: draw or make your favourite habitat. Can you include some animals or plants which may live there? What food chain would you find there? Think of including both carnivores and herbivores.

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