Reception Year Home Learning W/B Monday 22nd June

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Remember all the homework suggestions are optional. You can do as little or as much as you like. Each week’s homework mirrors the type of activities we would be covering in class. We also encourage you whenever possible to keep up with reading, handwriting practice, phonics and basic number such as counting, recognising and ordering numbers to 20. We understand parents may still be working or caring for other family members and may have limited time so please don’t feel under pressure. The most important thing is that you and your families stay safe and well. If you have any questions or if we can be of any help with home learning please do get in touch via the blog enquiries page or through tapestry, which we check on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoyed Shark week! We have loved seeing everything you have been up to on tapestry. Thank you!

This week we are continuing our under the sea theme by looking at the text “Commotion in the Ocean”!

Internet Safety

Click here to access the next internet safety activity. 


The Hook

Who were the other friends we met along the way?

What was your favourite creature? Why?

Draw a picture of you favourite creature.


Whole School Project!

We are starting a whole school project on both the Ecton Brook Campus and the Bellinge Campus. Here is the start of our whole school snake:

To join in all you need to do is:

  • Find a nice stone
  • decorate it however you would like. Feel free to add your name.
  • Bring your decorated stone to the school office. There will be a box just outside for you to put your stone in.
  • Check the blog regularly for snake updates!

We feel that this is a lovely way for the whole school to come together and a great opportunity for those who are not back at school to feel connected with their friends and teachers. If you have any questions please ring the school office.


Help to fix the broken rocket ship by spelling the words correctly using phase 3 sounds.

Click here to log in and play!

Phonics play is still free at the moment:

Username: march20
Password: home



Read this phoneme spotter story with an adult. How many /ch/ sounds can you find?

Click to access t-l-5670-ch-phoneme-spotter-story.pdf



This week’s focus is length. Find 3 things around the house and compare how long they are. Which one is the longest? Which one is the shortest? Can you put them in order of length?


Will are still focusing on counting to 20 and beyond. Here is a video we watch at school to help with your counting!

Make sure you are saying “teen” or “ty” in the correct places!


With the help of an adult, have a go at making a healthy lunch. Think carefully before you make the lunch. What foods are healthy? What does a healthy lunch need to include? Once you have planned and made your lunch take a photo for us and share on tapestry. Don’t forget to tell us how tasty it was!


Read this lovely story all about worries.



Create an under the sea picture. Use some of the ideas you saw in commotion on the ocean.

Here are some ideas to help:

Don’t forget to share your learning with us on tapestry!

The Reception Year Team


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