Reception Year Home Learning W/B Monday 8th June

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Remember all the homework suggestions are optional. You can do as little or as much as you like. Each week’s homework mirrors the type of activities we would be covering in class. We also encourage you whenever possible to keep up with reading, handwriting practice, phonics and basic number such as counting, recognising and ordering numbers to 20. We understand parents may still be working or caring for other family members and may have limited time so please don’t feel under pressure. The most important thing is that you and your families stay safe and well. If you have any questions or if we can be of any help with home learning please do get in touch via the blog enquiries page or through tapestry, which we check on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoyed your pirate themed week! This week is all about the story Rainbow Fish.

But first, here is the next internet safety activity:

Internet Safety:

Click here for the next internet safety activity. 

The Hook:

Where does Rainbow Fish live?

What did Rainbow Fish have that other fish wanted?

What did Rainbow Fish do that stopped the other fish from talking to them?

Why did Rainbow Fish give away their scales?

How did Rainbow Fish feel at the end of the story?

How are you special? How could you share that with others?



Write a retelling of Rainbow Fish.

What happened in the beginning, middle and end? Don’t forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


How many words can you think of starting with the letter ‘R’?



This week is a recap of Capacity!

Using the vocabulary above, have a go at filling and emptying a container. Try and put the words into sentences e.g. “The jug was full and now it is empty.” Be careful! Remember that half full means exactly in the middle between full and empty. How could you make sure it is exactly half way?

Why not make it more exciting by adding a bit of food colouring to your water? Maybe you could also have a go at colour mixing? Make sure you are not on any surfaces that could be easily stained though!

Do you want a challenge? Watch this video about counting in 2s:

Use pasta or something similar. Move the pasta in groups of 2. What do you notice?



Now that we are able to start seeing some more of our friends and family it is important that we all still remember to keep a safe distance and wash our hands. Here are a couple of things to help:


Click to access twoMetreActivity.pdf


Get creative by using resources at home to make your own Rainbow Fish!

Don’t forget to share all of your learning with us on tapestry!

We hope you have a lovely week

The Reception Year Team

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