Year 3 Home-learning week commencing 1st June

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Dear children and parents. We hope that you are all keeping well and have had a chance to enjoy the lovely sunshine over half term. We also hope that you have managed to keep up with your daily reading and have been enjoying the tasks we have been setting you.


This week, our reading task is linked to memory.  We would like you to challenge someone in your household to read the same book as you. You may read it as many times as you like. In one minute, you and the person you are doing this challenge with must recall as many things as you can from the book. Who do you think will win?

Scholastic reading resources: We know that many of you have already taken up this opportunity but if not, there is still plenty of time to log into Scholastic Reading Library online. This allows you to access lots of different books on their website.  We would like you to try hard to login to this at least three times in the week.  We have sent an email of instructions to your grown ups and they can also read about it here.

Scholastic reading letter for parents



In the week before half term,, you learned about prepositions. These are used to describe the position of an object or person in relation to something else.. This week, we would like you to investigate determiners. Have a look at this video.


How do determiners change the meaning of a noun? Try different determiners with these words:





In phonics, we have been looking at Phase 5a  This week, we would like the children to revise something slightly different. Consonant blends often start and end words. This week, we would like the children to blend consonants using the letter r. Look at this video to help:

Consonant blend r

Forest Phonics

Phonics frog

Phonics Galaxy


How many words can you find for each ‘ee’ sound? Do you notice about where the ‘ee’ sound is in each word?

Can you do this for other sound families – ‘ai/ay/a_e/aigh/ey/eigh’, ‘ie/igh/y/i_e’, ‘o/oa/oe/o_e/ow’ and ‘oo/ou/ue/ew/ui/u_e’? What patterns do you notice?


This week, we would like you to create a survey about yourself or someone in your family. Try to think of at least ten things that you might write like to research. Some examples might be:

Where were they born?

What are their favourite colours?

What are they most scared of?



This week’s skill is to see if you can learn your 11 and 12 times tables. Are there any things you notice about each one?

We hope you liked the maths missions that we posted last week. Why not try some of this week’s challenges?



We are still looking at plants and this week, we will be thinking about how water is transported by plants. The following PowerPoint will give you lots to think about and try out. There is also a Prediction Puzzle for you to have a go at too!

Please note: you may need to create a login to access this powerpoint. At the moment, this is free to do. If you are having trouble, this video will also help:

How plants transport water



Sue Venir is here to remind us ways to explore and map the world!

Before you watch her video can you remember:

  • the names of the continents,
  • which country we live in,
  • which continent it belongs to?

Mapping the world

Use maps – online or in print – to find your location. Can you find all 7 continents? Can youu find the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom?  Which countries around the world would you like to visit?


Music activity – Play it!

Get started with Play It! and explore the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and make then listen back to your own version of songs.

Play it!


Computers and on-line safety:

On-line safety  is something that we strongly promote at Ecton Brook. This week’s activities follow on from last week:

Think U know lesson 3


Keeping active:

Try and do 30 minutes of something active a day. Remember, you can use these sites to help:

Joe Wicks Bodycoach Daily workouts

Cosmic Kids Yoga

For something different, why not try a Walk at Home workout?

Walk at home – family walk



If you would like some additional learning, BBC bitesize has also released daily lessons. This may be of use if you would like further activities;

BBC Bitesize Year 3 daily lessons


Remember to keep safe by staying at home as much as you can and washing your hands. What song shall we sing now?!
Here’s hoping the sunshine continues and that you get to enjoy it.

Best wishes

The Year 3 team

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