Year 3 Home Learning – Week beginning 18th May 2020

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Important reminder: Please be aware that there is no expectation that the resources placed on the blog are printed off. The children should be able to respond directly or write the answer down after looking at the text, diagrams or pictures. If you are experiencing any problems, please write a comment below and we will do our best to address it.

Dear parents and pupils,

We hope that you continue to be well and that you are able to keep active and busy as much as possible. There has been a lot of information about schools starting to return in the news and press this week. Please keep checking the school website for updates and your emails. We will continue to post work on here until we know otherwise. We know that this is an uncertain time at present and we would ask you to bear with us. We will keep you informed of changes as soon a we know them ourselves.


We hope that you have been reading regularly at home and talking about it with your adults at home. This week, we are going to set a slightly different challenge. We would like you to find a short story on-line or at home. It can be written, a film or an episode of a TV drama. Your challenge is to retell that story to a member of your household. This is storytelling. It is the oldest form of sharing stories in this country and was how traditional stories were passed down through generations. Give it a go!

Scholastic reading resources: We know that many of you have already taken up this opportunity but if not, there is still plenty of time to log into Scholastic Reading Library online. This allows you to access lots of different books on their website.  We would like you to try hard to login to this at least three times in the week.  We have sent an email of instructions to your grown ups and they can also read about it here.

Scholastic reading letter for parents



Last week, you learned about adjectives. These are used to describe a noun. This week, we would like you to investigate prepositions:


Prepositions video

Can you create a poster that shows as many prepositions as you can?


In phonics, we have been looking at Phase 5a  This week, we would like the children to revise something slightly different. Consonant blends often start and end words. This week, we would like the children to blend consonants using the letter L. Look at this video to help:

Consonant blend letter L

Forest Phonics

Phonics frog

Phonics Galaxy


Suffixes: -ed, -ing, -s, -es, -ness, -ful, -less and -ly.

Remember the rules for adding suffixes:

  • A short vowel means you double the consonant, e.g. hop –> hopped
  • If the root words ends in ‘-e’ this is dropped when adding a suffix beginning with a vowel, e.g. like –>liking

Add as many of the suffixes we have learnt to each word as you can. Can you spot any patterns or find any other rules?

For example: hope –> hoped, hoping, hopes, hopeful, hopeless, hopefulness, hopelessness, hopelessly, hopefully.


This week, we would like to revisit a form of poetry called Kennings. The children studied this in their reading sessions. Look at these links to help:

What is a kenning?

We would like you to write two kennings about two different things in your house.


To get your brain going this week, watch The Geordie Pigeon and some good advice for mental strategies: Adding and subtracting

We hope you liked the maths missions that we posted last week. Why not try some of this week’s challenges?


Maths Skills:

We hope you enjoyed learning about Roman numerals last week. This week, we would like you to practise drawing and measuring lines to the nearest cm and mm.


Complete your own research and explain exactly what plants need to be able to grow. Can you draw a diagram to illustrate what you find out? Explain what happens to plants if they don’t get any of the things that they need?



How was Anglo-Saxon Britain Ruled?

What can you find out about the roles of each of these people in Anglo-Saxon Britain?

King      Women      Ceorl      Slave     Thane

Which would you have preferred to have been and why?



Did you know you can make a set of finger puppets using origami? You can make origami finger puppet cats, dogs, bears, pandas, and foxes by folding the ears differently and drawing on a different face. Use different colors and patterns for more variety, and for even more decorative puppets, you can embellish them with stickers, glitter, sequins, and other crafty decorations. Follow the link below for instructions!

Finger puppets tutorial


Computers and on-line safety:

On-line safety  is something that we strongly promote at Ecton Brook. This week’s activities follow on from last week:

Think U Know lesson 2


Keeping active:

Try and do 30 minutes of something active a day. Remember, you can use these sites to help:

Joe Wicks Bodycoach Daily workouts

For something different, why not try some yoga?

Cosmic Yoga



If you would like some additional learning, BBC bitesize has also released daily lessons. This may be of use if you would like further activities;

BBC Biteseize Year 3 daily lessons

We have been missing you all very much and we hope that you are keeping busy and active during this time. We have received a few messages asking if the homework needs to be handed in or marked by us. Whilst we would very much love to see what you have been doing, we are unable to collect the work in. However, if you would like to take photos to bring in when we return, we would love to see them!

Love from

Mr Bridge, Ms Clarke and Miss Dorman

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