Year 2 Home Learning – Week Commencing 11th May

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Year 2 Home Learning – Week Commencing 11th May

Hello everyone. We hope you are all well and have had a good week learning all about VE Day.  Maybe some of you even had a bit of a party today to celebrate! Thank you to those of you that have been sharing your work on the blog or via the Facebook page, we love to see what you have been doing at home.  This week we are going to go back to our topic of The Great Fire of London and think more about where it took place.  Have a good week, from Mrs Norris, Mrs Anstey, Miss Croot and Miss Nice 🙂


As you are doing so much work online, here are some really important links to take you to a website about staying safe when on the internet. Have a look with your grown ups.

Think You Know Online Safety at Home

Think You Know information for Parents about online safety


Well done to those of you that have already begun their online reading work, but if you haven’t yet, there is still plenty of time to log into Scholastic Reading Library online. This allows you to access lots of different books on their website.  We would like you to try hard to login to this at least three times in the week and try to choose a range of different types of books to read.  We have sent an email of instructions to your grown ups and they can also read about it here.

Scholastic reading letter for parents

As well as this reading, we would like you to read some information about London Landmarks. Here are a few websites you could try with a grown up.  As you read, make some notes about the facts you have learnt.

Project Britain – London

Primary Facts – London


This week we would like you to find out all about the city of London. Click on the link below to watch the video about travelling around London and some of the famous landmarks you may see.

BBC Geography – William Whiskerson London

Can you remember all of the places William and Kulala visited during their day in London? Here are pictures of four of the most famous landmarks that they saw.  What are the names of these landmarks?

The History of Buckingham Palace Big Ben - Wikipedia London Eye | History, Height, & Facts | Britannica Tower Bridge - Historic Site & House -

Can you choose one of these London landmarks and find out 5 interesting facts about it? Add a comment to this blog post to tell us your facts, we love hearing from you!


Imagine you were with William and Kulala on their day trip to London.  They saw lots of amazing things! Can you write a postcard telling somebody all about the trip?

A postcard is normally a short message to somebody you care about telling them all about a place that you have visited.  When writing a postcard you focus on the most exciting bits of your trip.  Which bits of the trip do you think William and Kulala would have found most exciting?

We have created a word mat to help you remember all of the different things they saw (nouns) and we’ve also given you some words to describe these things too (adjectives).

Postcards have pictures on the back of them to show the person who you are sending it to what the place is like.  Can you draw a picture on the back of your postcard? Here are some examples of real London postcards.

Postcard with palace of westminster in london Vector Image Postcard Collection: A Look at London | TravelSquire London Postcard: different immages of London — Stock Photo ...


To continue on from our maths last week, can you find the cost of these London attractions. We’d like you to find out how much it would cost if you went to:

The London Eye

The Tower of London

Sealife Centre

Madame Tussauds

London Dungeons

How much would it cost for:

One adult and a child

A family of 4

Two adults and three children

Can you buy a season ticket? How much is it?


Position, movement and direction

The Oak National Academy have three online lessons based around this topic.  To access these, follow this link:

This week, have a look at lessons 8-11.

Other activities you might like to have a go at based around this theme are:

  • Have a look at the toys in this picture (Miss Croot’s daughter has set these up for you!) Can you use the words on, in, under, in front, behind and next to to describe where the objects in the picture are?


  • Can you lead a member of your family from one room in your house to another? Use the language: forwards, backwards, left, right and turn.  Telling them how many steps you would like them to take each time. Can you lead them to the other room without making them crash?


As we are thinking about London this week, we would like you to create a portrait of our queen, Queen Elizabeth II.  Here are a few photographs of her to help you, and you could find more online.

Your portrait could just be in pencil like this amazing piece by Murphy Elliott, or you could use paints or crayons if you have them.  You can ask an adult to share these with us on the school Facebook page under this blog post or via the private Facebook Messenger linked to the school page.

If you enjoy creating this portrait, have a go at some portraits of people in your family, or yourself! I am sure some of your relatives that you haven’t seen for a while would love to see your portraits of them!


Have a lovely week everyone and stay safe. 


2 thoughts on “Year 2 Home Learning – Week Commencing 11th May

  • 13th May 2020 at 12:45 pm

    **Buckingham Palace**

    1 the queen lives hear
    2 It is in London
    3 the palace has 600 rooms
    4 The queen has gards
    5 When the flag is up that meens the queen is at home

    • 13th May 2020 at 7:31 pm

      Hello Kyshawn,

      Fantastic work, I’m glad to see you are enjoying learning about London. There are lots of amazing places to find out about. I hope you and your family are well. Keep up the good work.
      Mrs Anstey.


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