Year 2 Home Learning Week Commencing 4th May

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Year 2 Home Learning – Week Commencing 4th May

Hello Year 2, it’s Miss Nice, Miss Croot, Mrs Anstey and Mrs Norris again! We hope you have all been well and are finding lots of different activities to do inside during this rainy weather (or have been lucky enough to go outside and splash in some puddles!).  Thank you for the messages some of you have been sending telling us about what you have been up to and it has been great to see how many of you have been reading on the Scholastic Library and continuing with TT Rockstars and NumBots.

Here are some activities for you to do at home this week with a focus on the VE Day 75th Anniversary which will be on Friday 8th May.  We will continue to add more ideas each Friday while we are away from school.

Reading – We can see that many of you have signed up to the Scholastic Reading that we mentioned in last week’s post and are now enjoying reading a range of different texts.  Keep reading as it is so important for everything else we do in school (and when you are a grown up!). If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet, please follow the link below for more information. We can see that some of you are choosing books that are very easy for you, which is fine sometimes, but make sure you are also challenging yourself with books at the correct level.

This week we would like you to try and read some non-fiction texts about a time in history that you are interested in. Maybe it’s the time of the dinoasaurs, the first space flight, more about the Great Fire of London or even what it was like when Corporal Tom Moore was born 100 years ago!

Click here for the Scholastic Reading Handout for Parents –

Writing and Topic  – This week we would like you to find out about VE day and how it was celebrated 75 years ago.  This video will help you to find out about this important day in history 75 years ago.  As you watch, the narrator will ask you to write things down, so have a pen and paper ready.  After you have finished, we would like you to write about all the things you have learnt.  Can you remember how to write a non-chronological report? It’s just a factual report under different subheadings such as ‘What is VE Day?’, ‘What did people do to celebrate?’, or ‘How did people feel?’.  You can replay the video to help you to remember facts or even find out more from the internet or books.  There will also be lots of programmes on the TV next week we are sure.  When you are writing, don’t forget your capital letters and full stops, conjunctions (because, but, so, and) and really careful handwriting and spelling. Have fun and don’t forget you can comment here on the blog to tell us some of the facts that you have learnt.

Maths – For maths this week we would like you to focus on money. (Don’t forget to keep reading the time at home too!)

Important things for you to be able to do are:

  • Recognise and know the value of different coins and notes.
  • Be able to use these coins and notes to make different amounts.
  • Find different ways of making the same amounts.

And if you want to challenge yourself further you could learn how to give change.

The year 2 BBC Bitesize maths lessons dated 27th April- 1st May are all based around money.

This is the link you will need:

There are videos to watch and different activities for each lesson.  There is no expectation for worksheet activities to be printed or carried out.

The NCTEM website has some videos linking counting in twos, fives and tens to money (2ps, 5ps and 10ps).

Follow this link:

And the money lessons are videos 6 – 10.

There are lots of practical activities that you can do when learning about money too.  Why not have a go at some of these:

  • Set up a little shop with some of your toys. Can you give them price tickets? Don’t forget to add the ‘p’ or the ‘£’ symbol.  Can some of your family come to your shop and pretend to buy some items? Which coins will they need to use? Do they need change?
  • Do you have a money box? How much money is in your money box? Do you have siblings that have money boxes too? Who has the most money?
  • As we are learning about VE day this week, imagine you were organising a party to celebrate. Have a look at a supermarket website.  Choose two cakes that you would like at the party.  Which costs the most? If you bought them both, how much would you spend? Which coins could you use to make this amount? Next time, choose two packets of biscuits that you would like and repeat.

If you had a budget of £50 to spend at the supermarket, which foods would you buy for your party? Make sure you don’t overspend!

  • If you have some coins at home (please ask your parents or carers before using them), you could play the game ‘Who has most?’ Put all the coins into one pot. Everybody that is playing closes their eyes and chooses 3 coins.  The person whose coins total the largest amount is the winner!

Don’t forget that we also have TT Rockstars and NumBots to keep your mental maths and calculations up to date! Here are the Touranment Results from last week.

Well done 2NC and 2AA! Mrs Norris needs class 2MN to catch up! Only five of 2MN have played the tournaments this week. Can you all help to beat the other two classes next week?


Science – During the war parachutes were used by paratroopers, some were even accompanied by dogs!

Can you design and make your own parachute using materials from around the house? Time how long it takes for your parachute to fall to the floor. You could hold it yourself or even ask an adult to help you drop it from somewhere a bit higher.

For an extra challenge, you could research how parachutes work using the force ‘air resistance’.


Creative – No party is a party without some decorations and this was the case when people held their VE day celebrations at home.  During the war, resources were hard to get so they would have made decorations from household items just like we have to at the moment. This week can you design and create your own party decorations and have a party with your toys or your family on the day of the 75th Anniversary. They may include: bunting, flags and posters made from things you can find at home. Cereal boxes are great for cutting up and making things!

Have fun everyone and take care of yourselves.  Remember to message us on the blog if you wish to share what you have been doing with us, and if you have any enquiries about the work, email the school on

We hope to see you all soon! 🙂


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