Year 6 Home Learning Week Commencing 27th April.

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Important Message: Please be aware that there is no expectation that the resources placed on the blog are printed off. The children should be able to respond directly or write the answer down after looking at the text, diagrams or pictures. If you are experiencing any problems, please write a comment below and we will do our best to address it.

Hello everybody,

We hope you have had a good week and have enjoyed completing the many tasks that we set last week. Please send us your comments and let us know how you are getting on this week.

Here are some further activities for you to do at home.  We will continue to add more ideas each Friday while we are away from school.

We have used resources from the newly established Oak National Academy (click on the link and navigate using the bar at the bottom of the screen) and BBC daily lessons (again click the link a scroll down the screen). Please don’t print off any resources just write down the answers in your books.

We have also included more activities on the Sats Companion website (Maths and Grammar).

English Reading

You can continue to use the Scholastic Virtual Reading Library online allowing you to access lots of different books on their website.  We would like you to try hard to login to this at least three times in the week.  Instruction are on this link:

Scholastic Reading Handout for Parents

Continue to read books you have at home


We are exploring the genre of Newspapers this week, though some comprehension tasks and exploring its features.

Monday – Newspaper Reading Comprehension and Fact Retrieval –

Tuesday – Newspaper Reading Comprehension and Fact Retrieval –

Wednesday – Identifying the features of a newspaper –

Thursday – Using direct speech to write quotes –

Friday – Writing a newspaper report –


This week you will be deepening your knowledge of fractions by looking at equivalent fractions, comparing and calculating with fractions.

Monday – Representing Fractions –

Tuesday – Understanding Equivalence –

Wednesday – Finding Equivalent Fractions –

Thursday – Comparing Fractions Less Than One –

Friday – Comparing Fractions Greater Than One –

PSHE – Starting Secondary School 

Learn about the transition from primary to secondary school

This lesson includes:

  • two videos about the differences pupils will encounter in a new larger school

  • a practice activity to help your child think about the change of schools

Science – Our Solar System

Learn about the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system.

This lesson includes:

  • three videos to help you understand the solar system
  • three practise activities to help with learning


History – Who were the Ancient Egyptians? 

Learn about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos about the civilization and the pyramids

  • two activities to help build knowledge

Geography – Introduction to Settlements

Learn about the different types of settlements including a hamlet, a village, a town and a city.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos which describe the different types of settlements and how cities can vary across the world

  • two activities to reinforce knowledge of settlement types

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