Year 3 Home/school work for Week beginning 27th April

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Important Message: Please be aware that there is no expectation that the resources placed on the blog are printed off. The children should be able to respond directly or write the answer down after looking at the text, diagrams or pictures. If you are experiencing any problems, please write a comment below and we will do our best to address it.

Dear parents and pupils,

We hope that you all remain well and healthy and that you are able to enjoy the wonderful weather we have been experiencing. We have included a new set of activities for next week and hope that these will be fun and keep you busy.


If you have not already done so, we would like to remind you to try Scholastic Reading Library online. This allows you to access lots of different books on their website.  We would like you to try hard to login to this at least three times in the week.  We have sent an email of instructions to your grown ups and they can also read about it here.

Scholastic reading letter for parents

This week, we would like you to read something from a non-fiction book or website about something that interests you. Can you create a fact sheet of information about the subject you have read?


In grammar, the children need to know and learn the difference between statements (normal sentences with facts or opinions), questions, commands and exclamations. These resources may help:

Command sentences

Question sentences

Exclamation sentences

Can you write two examples of each?


In phonics, we have been looking at Phase 5a  This week, we would like the children to revise the ay, ou and ie sounds. These sites will help for phonics games:

Forest Phonics

Phonics frog

Remember, lots of you have a Teaching Monster to Read login so you can use that. The good news is that the website is now free for all children but you will need to create a login if you do not already have one.

Teaching monster to read.

In spellings, we would like the children to look for and create a list of 5 words ending in -sure to learn such as treasure and 5 words ending in -ture such as furniture. The children need to use the strategies that they have been taught to help them such as:

pyramid words

drawing the outline

rainbow letters

writing the sentence in context.


We would you to write a letter to yourself for ten years in the future. Often, when things have happened a long time ago, we forget what it felt like to live through it at that time. We often get a really good picture of what it was like in moments of history by reading the letters and diaries of people from that time. Your letter will be a good way of remembering what you did and the emotions that you felt about it. Remember to include:

  • An address and introduction (You may not live in the same house in the future!)
  • An explanation of why you are writing
  • a description of what has been happening, what you have needed to do.
  • a funny anecdote or story – either from your own household or that you have seen people doing.
  • Questions to your future self.

You might also want to include pictures and drawings to remind yourself of this time.

Times tables:

Please can you continue to practise your times tables. This is a life skill that will really benefit you in all walks of life!

You can still use your TT Rockstars logins and Emile logins:

Emile Login

TT Rockstars Login

Maths skills: 

We would like to challenge you to learn to read an analogue clock. You might not get this in a week so keep practising but it is a really useful and important skill. Here are some resources to help:

Reading an analogue clock

On this website, there are videos and games that may help:

BBC Bitesize telling the time

Fractions week 2: 

We are aware that some of the White Rose materials from last week required a lot of printing and that isn’t always practical in the current situation so we have included a choice of sites. Both sites offer very comprehensive and high quality teaching and resources but the Oak academy site can be accessed through on-line activities and media.

Oak National Academy. These are more online based resources:

Year 3 Fractions Oak National Academy

White rose: Please look at week 2 (these have printable resources). You can find the links here:

White Rose week 2



This year, we looked at forces in Year 3. This week, we would like to revise pushes, pulls, gravity and friction. Can you find 5 things in your house that require pulls? Can you sort them into force order? Which require harder pulls? Why do you think that is? Can you create another list with pushes? Can you remember what causes Friction? We conducted an investigation using a toy car rolling down different surfaces. Can you find 5 different surfaces and sort them in friction order?

In addition, we would recommend that you try to stay active. Many children are following the Joe Wicks routine, which can be found on his Youtube channel here:

Joe Wicks Bodycoach Daily workouts

For something different, why not try some yoga?

Cosmic Yoga



Here are some homophones – words that sound the same but are spelt differently.  Put each one in a sentence to demonstrate what they mean.  Illustrate each sentence to help you remember know which one to use.

meet   meat

hear   here

not    knot


Our new area of learning for History is the Anglo-Saxons.  Below is a link to BBC Bitesize introducing who they were, where they came from and what their daily life was like.

The Anglo Saxons

Write three questions you would ask an Anglo-Saxon.  Can you dress up as an Anglo-Saxon using things you find at home?

Design Technology

Using junk modelling items, that you have collected with your grown ups’ permission, can you build an animal?  It could be real or imaginary – a cat, crocodile or even a dragon!  Think about the objects you have and how they could be used.  Toilet roll tubes could be legs, eggs boxes could be jaws or eyes, a plastic bottle could become a fish.  What will you use to fix objects together?  Glue, tape, ribbon, string or elastic bands are all good fixings.  You could colour or paint your finished junk modelling animals.  Here are some ideas to get your imagination going!











If you would like some additional learning, BBC bitesize has also released daily lessons. This may be of use if you would like further activities;

BBC Biteseize Year 3 daily lessons

Here’s hoping the sun continues to shine so we can make the most of our time outside, whether it is in your garden or on your daily walk.  Remember to stay at home to keep you and your loved ones safe.  We miss you all very much and think of you everyday.

Love and best wishes from
All of the Year 3 team

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  • 27th April 2020 at 12:49 pm

    Alex Hamer class 3TC has forgotten his TT rockstars login and password but I can’t see anywhere on the site to reset it. Could you help please?

    • 28th April 2020 at 3:18 pm

      We have sent you an email.

  • 1st May 2020 at 12:55 pm

    What is log in password for Emile , my jasmine wants to have a look but doesn’t have the log in password

    • 1st May 2020 at 1:54 pm

      The log-on for Emile is the same as for Times Table Rock Stars


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