Reception Homework for w/b 27th April

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Important Message: Please be aware that there is no expectation that the resources placed on the blog are printed off. The children should be able to respond directly or write the answer down after looking at the text, diagrams or pictures. If you are experiencing any problems, please write a comment below and we will do our best to address it.

Hello! We hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather. Last week you did some learning around “What the Ladybird Heard!” Thank you so much for sharing your learning with us via tapestry it has been so lovely to see you all! This week, we are going to be learning all about vets. Vets are people who help animals, just as doctors help us. They do a very important job!


Listen to Julia Donaldson reading the story “Paula the Vet”

What jobs did Paula have to do?

Why is she a very good vet?

How was Paula feeling when she met the last pet?


Understanding the World: People and Communities

Communication and Language:

Using things that you can find at home, make a vet’s surgery. What would you need? Think about what Paula had e.g. a waiting area, space to look at the animals.

You might need scales to weigh the animals and a phone to update their owners. A brush could be handy if they have matted fur and some bowls to give them food and water. Use your teddies as the animals. Think about what jobs the vet might need to do. Don’t forget to write notes so that you know what treatments your patients have had!



Do you have a pet at home? Help your grown ups to look after your pet. Keep a diary of all the things you have had to do to look after your pet.


Phonics Play: This site is free for the time being so why not play some phonics games! The children have been learning Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds.

Username: march20
Password: home


Collect up to 10 objects from around the house or in the garden (you might want to use your teddies again!). How many do you have?

Take away 2. Now how many do you have? Can you say that in a sentence? e.g.  10 take away 2 is the same as (equal to) 8.

Now take away 4. Now how many do you have? Can you say that in a sentence?

Add 3. How many do you have now? Can you say that in a sentence? E.g. 6 add 3 is the same as 9.

Put all of your objects in one group. This time take away one at a time. Make sure to say the sentence as you go. What is happening to your first group? You should see another group building. What is happening to that group? (The first group is getting smaller while the second group is getting bigger. At some point, the groups might be equal. Encourage children to use more/less/equal when comparing the groups.)


We hope you have a good week!


The Reception Year Team!

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