Year 1 Home Learning 20th April 2020

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Hello Year 1,

Mrs Startup, Mrs Ward and Miss Froggatt here. We hope you’re all well and enjoying this time with your family. We are missing you very much. As we’re not in school to carry on with your learning journey, we will putting up weekly tasks for you to complete at home. Remember to also have fun doing things with your family and to get some exercise in too. 


Year 1 Home learning                                              Week 20th April 2020 





Four times a week 

Reading books can be found at: Oxford Owl e-books library 

Login and join for free.  

On the library page click on…levels, book band and choose your child’s sticker colour. 

 You can also read books from home. Remember to read a range of texts: fiction and non fiction books, poems, recipes, instructions, magazines etc. 


Four times a week


Phonics Play – play games for your phonics stage – 

BBC Bitesize English – 

ICT Games. – Here is a lovely website with lots of activities related to phonics, English and other useful topic activities. up for a free account

Type in your phonic phase or particular sound into the search bar at the top 

Youtube– these videos are great! 


Mr Thorne 

Geraldine the Giraffe 

Epic Phonics 

Mr MC 



Use a sound mat to help you to find the sounds that you need. 



Write a set of instructions for how to do something. 

For example: planting a seed, making a den or cooking something.  

Remember to use time adverbials: 



After that 


Follow your instructions. Do they work? 

Create a wanted poster for your favourite bad character. 

What is he/she wanted for? 

What does he/she  

Look like? 

Sound like? 

Smell like? 

Is there a reward for capturing him/her? 


Write in full sentences 

Can you use because? 

Persuade me… 

Which is best Easter or Christmas? Why? 


Can you use adjectives to describe? 

Can you talk about your own feelings and experiences 

Can you give any examples to support your point of view? 


Maths  White rose maths home learning 

Summer term 1   Week 1  

Topic  What do plants need to grow? 

Make a picture to explain your findings. Be creative…Get arty if you can? A 2d or 3d picture. Or maybe use natural materials from outside. 

Design and make a boat that floats successfully and can carry small toys the distance of 1m. 

Which materials will you use? Wood, plastic, fabric? Why? 

How can it be pushed across the water? No hands!  

What can you use to make it move? Try different things… 

balloon, an elastic band? 

Visit the new bbc iplayer bitesize daily lessons. 

Choose what interests you and record your learning in any way that you like. 



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