Year 3 Daily Challenge Thursday

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We hope you are all well on this beautiful morning. This will be the penultimate Year 3 daily challenge. We hope that you have enjoyed our daily challenges and had ago at yesterday’s Rube Goldberg machine. In future, we will be setting homework for the week on Friday so keep your eyes peeled for our posts.

The solution to yesterday’s teaser was a towel. This gets wetter the more that it dries. The solution to the dingbat was rush hour.

Today’s challenge is a little bit different. In this modern age, we rely heavily on our mobile phones but when (some) staff and parents were younger, we had to remember phone numbers and addresses. This is your challenge today:

  1. Remember and recite your full address including postcode.
  2. Memorise two road names that lead to or connect to your road.
  3. Memorise and recall three important phone numbers.
  4. Learn the full dates of births of four important people in your life.

Today’s problem is this: What can run but never walk? (There are a few answers to this problem)

Today’s dingbat is:


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  • 3rd April 2020 at 5:48 pm

    This was fun to learn


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