Year 3 Daily Challenge Wednesday

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Good morning! We hope that you are all keeping well and that you have been able to keep busy. Today’s challenge is a science based one with a bit of DT thrown in. A Rube Goldberg machine is one that combines lots of pushes and pulls to make something happen. Have a look at the link here:

Rube Goldberg machine

Can you design your own Rube Goldberg machine? Can you film it working? (This may take a lot of practise!). The science relates to the use of pushes and pulls which was our topic this term.

The answer to yesterday’s riddle was a mathematical conundrum that can never be truly solved. They will never reach the destination as the journey will get smaller and smaller each time.

Yesterday’s dingbat solution was turned inside out.

Today’s brain teaser is this: What gets wetter the more it dries?

Today’s dingbat is:

Keep an eye on the blog at 6.00pm for a story at bedtime!

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