Reception Homework for w/b 30.3.20

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Weekly homework will be posted here on the Blog every Friday (excluding the normal school holidays).

This week’s homework is based on the book ‘Wash-a-Bye Bear‘.  You can watch and listen to the story on            BBC iplayer CBeebies Bedtime stories. The link is below.

There are four ‘Bear’ homework tasks this week focusing on writing, maths, art & design and PE:-


Draw a picture of your favourite bear or toy and write some sentences about it such as:-  What is your bear’s name?  What does your bear look and feel like? Where does your bear sleep?  Why do you like your bear?


Collect all your bears or toys together.  Can you count them?  Sort your bears into small and large bears.  Can you count how many there are in each group?  Now add them together and say the number sentences e.g. ‘I have 4 small bears and 7 large bears.  I have 11 bears altogether’.

Art & Design

Make some clothes for your favourite bear.  Find some old clothes/material or even some cardboard/plastic from the recycling that you can cut up.  Can you design and make a scarf, a hat, a bow tie or maybe even some pyjamas for your bear?  Ask your grown up to help you cut, glue, sew or attach together the materials.  Maybe you can even add a button or a flower to your clothes?  Get the whole family involved and have a bear fashion show!


Gather your class of bears together.  This week you are the PE teacher.  Put on your favourite song and show your bears different ways you can move your body.  Can you do a handstand, cartwheel, skip, hop on one leg, do star jumps, balance your favourite teddy on your head or even do a forward roll?   After all that hard work you and your bears deserve a rest.  Why not hold your very own teddy bear afternoon tea or picnic!

REMEMBER take photos of your work and upload them to tapestry to share your homework with your teachers.  We can’t wait to see how you’ve done!

Next week is the start of the Easter holidays where we hope you will enjoy some free time and activities with your family.  The next homework tasks for Reception Year will be posted on the blog on Friday 17th April 2020.

Happy Easter everyone! Stay safe and well!

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