Year 4 – Week 2

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Hi Year 4,

This is Mrs. Carsberg, Miss. Tew and Miss. Moloney. We hope you are all well and keeping safe. Here are some activities you could try this week.


  • TTRockstars : Please don’t forget to challenge us. Miss. Moloney is the hardest teacher to beat. 🙂
  •  Please follow this link to complete some activities about fractions and decimals.

These activities are updated every week.

  • We have set you some activities to follow this up on


Here are your spellings for next week. You could try a different activity each day.






Activity 1- Find out what the words mean, write a definition and draw a picture of it.

Activity 2 – Pyramids

Activity 3- How many times can you write the word in one minute?

Activity 4- Rainbow letters

Activity 5 – Ask somebody to test you.


Have a look at this PowerPoint from Can you finish the story and fix the sick sentences?



We look forward to hearing about all that you’ve been up to. Remember to leave us a comment on this blog post 🙂

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