Year 3 daily challenge

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Good morning everyone! We hope that you are keeping safe and well. The solutions to yesterday’s challenge were:

You finished the race in second place as you overtook the person in second and not the person who was first.

The Dingbat solution was I under stand = I understand.

Today, we would like to ask the children to do the following spelling activity:

There are some adjectives and adverbs that can be made stronger by adding -er or -est to the end such as:

Strong, stronger and strongest

Fast, faster, fastest

These are known as the comparative and superlative forms. They allow a writer to compare similar things. Can your child find 10 words than can be improved this way? Are there any words that are adjectives that can’t be changed in this way like worse?

Riddle of the day:

If eleven plus two equals one, what does nine plus five equal? (You might solve this if you have time on your hands.)

Today’s Dingbat:

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