Reception Year – Outdoor Learning

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We hope you are all enjoying the sun as much as you can. Don’t forget that learning doesn’t just happen inside and there are plenty of learning opportunities in gardens, on balconies or walking in a park.

Here are a few useful outdoor learning ideas:

  • use chalk to write words, numbers or draw pictures. Why not try a bit of hop scotch?
  • create an obstacle course using items you have in the garden.
  • Twinkl have some lovely Spring activities that could be completed by the whole family on a walk:
  • plant seeds and keep a diary of the plant growing.
  • Build a bug hotel:
  • Cloud spotting (hopefully we won’t have too many of these!): Look up at the clouds. What shapes can you see? Can you describe them?
  • Measure 2 meters. How far do you think it will be? How many lego bricks do you need for 2 meters? Can you make a phone with a 2 meter long string?

Do you have any more outdoor learning ideas? Don’t forget to share all of your learning with us on tapestry!

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