Year1 and 2 Trip to Venice

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As an amazing start to our new topic of The Merchant of Venice, all of Key Stage One travelled to the beautiful city of Venice.  When we arrived at school, we collected our passports and waited quietly on the coach for our journey to Heathrow airport. On arrival at Heathrow we passed though passport control and handed in our tickets to the aiport staff.  We found our seats on the aircraft and carefully watched the flight safety video before taking off over London and climbing above the clouds, writing our thoughts and feelings as we relaxed.  During our flight we looked out of the window to see the snow topped Alps and recieved an inflight snack from the cabin crew.  The flight went very quickly and we were soon able to look our of the aircraft windows over sunny Venice.  The landing was very smooth and, after passing through the airport, we finally arrived at the Grand Canal for our gondola ride.  The scenery was beautiful and we thought of words and phrases to describe the things that we saw as we travelled though the narrow alleys.  On our flight back to Heathrow we wrote down our thoughts about our visit to Venice.  What an amazing day we have had!

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  • 10th January 2020 at 11:01 pm

    Brilliant! I received an almost identical run down of events to that which you have given. What a wonderful experience for the children. Thank you. ☺️


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