Nominations Evening Awards – Celebrations For Ecton Brook

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Last night at The Academy the Nominations Awards Ceremony took place.

All the sports that the children participate in during the year are rewarded at this event. This is like a ‘Red Carpet’ event for their efforts and achievements through sports.

At Ecton Brook all nominations came as a surprise to the children, with the help of the parents we tried not to tell the nominees until the very last minute.

Last night we were in several categories The Young Leader of the Year (Saeer and Casey), Able and Talented (Josh), Change4Life (Olivia) and Year 3/4 Sports Performer Of The Year (Hayden).

What a night it was children beaming from ear to ear in recognition for their hard work and efforts.

A fantastic result for the school, the children and their parents, well done and congratulations to all.

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