One thought on “Reflection Space – Weston Favell Primary School

  • 13th June 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Hey! Kai here! Some staff might remember me. Although..puberty has…changed me a tad..! I loved doing this in year 6! Usually, I was into all the sporty activities, (multisports, cricket, football, basketball) but when we went to visit Weston Favell’s reflection room, it was a very enjoyable, soothing experience. The fun, creative activities really got me focused and it was good to chill out for a while and reflect on what’s going on. I believe we should do it more often in life, to just take a step back and reflect on the negatives and positives and just be relaxed. It’s great to see others enjoying the same experience I was lucky enough to have in that amazing school! I hope everyone is well! Might come and say hello soon.. 😉

    Kai Romero 🙂


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