Sports Crew and Young Leaders ‘intra’ Sport – Year 6

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Yesterday was time for Year 6 to turn the Housepoint leader board around. They were competitive at the ‘keepy uppy’ competition.

All of the children from Year 6 turned out to defend their house. The Sports Crew and Young Leaders had to work hard as there were so many scores to add up for each house.

So the scores are:-

Gorillas Yr4/5 + 183 = 362

Tigers Yr4/5 + 182 = 322

Elephants Yr4/5 + 120 = 212

Turtles Yr4/5 + 55 = 192

Rhinos Yr4/5 + 55 = 112

There are more competitions to come which could change the leaderboard once again.

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