Our Science Experience

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Today we were visited by a zoologist named Jules. He
specializes in bones of animals. We got to experience how it
felt like when the dinosaurs were alive. We also got to learn
how animals evolved over time. He let us touch his animal
bones and try to figure out what kind of bones they were. We
learnt how every mammal has a very similar body shape to us
humans; we also learnt how humans evolved from apes. Fun
Fact, humans are the only type of apes that can run a
He also told us that he travels across the United Kingdom and
the United States to dig up the fossils. We took part in a fun
game called the Wheel Of Death, which explained how
different rabbits can survive in different scenarios. Everybody
also participated in an activity which was about a few million
years ago. It was about the sap on the trees in Madagascar.
These amazing trees, trap little animals and hardens so we
can see the dead animals inside. This was by far the best PPA
day ever!
Jacks Quote:
“Wow, this has blown my mind.”
By Hayyan and Hamza

Friday with a difference

Today Jules (a zoologist) came to teach year 6 about evolution, adaption and showed us fossils of dinosaurs and mammals. At the start of the lesson, we looked at his amazing discoveries, which were some ancient marine dinosaur bones and dinosaur poo. At the same time, he showed us how zoologists thought marine dinosaurs looked like. After, we looked at the aged crocodiles, ichthyosaurs, plesiosauruses and shells.

When we finished looking at the marine creatures, we played a game called the wheel of death. The way we played it was by being different types of rabbits and we looked to see what type would most likely to survive.

Alan-My favourite part was when we got touch and play around with some giant mammal fossils

David- Well my favourite part was when we played the wheel of death because it taught me how rabbits adapted to their environment.


Alan and David.

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  • 8th March 2019 at 5:37 pm

    It was an exciting experience and I learnt a lot about lots of other species ; everyone was happy to look and touch the fossils and the other parts of lots of animals that I either did or did not already know about.


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