Year 6 – Homework for Friday 8th February

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This week, we are proud to announce the new on-line system that we will be using with our year 6 cohort called ‘SATs Companion’.

This program is a browser-based which means that the children can access the package from any device and not rely upon an app. We will be sending the children’s new logins home on Monday.  We will be giving them tutorials on using the system on Monday and Tuesday and their homework tasks will be set following this. We will still expect the children to complete their homework by Friday.

SATs companion supports children in reading, maths and grammar. For now, the children will have one task to complete in reading, grammar and maths per week. This will increase as they become familiar with the system.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer have access to Mathletics and the children’s logins will no longer be valid. Mathletics is a great resource and if you wish to continue using this with your child, there is an option to buy a personal membership, independent of the school.

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