Year 6 – Homework for the holidays

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This week, we haven’t issued any homework as we will be giving the children a holiday homework booklet. They will have until January 11th to complete this, giving them a space of 4 weeks. We would encourage that the children to adopt a little and often approach rather than attempt to do everything at once.

They have the following:

3 texts in the SATS buster books (These should take 10 minutes each and one a week would be sufficient)

25 pieces of Mathletics. These are spread over a 28 day period. If the children attempt one per day, for 10 minutes, this is easily achievable.

5 pieces of written grammar homework.  (These are short, 10 minute pieces)

5 pieces of written maths homework. (These are short, 10 minute pieces)

We would also like to encourage the children to read every day.

The purpose of setting this homework is to develop the children’s ability to self-manage their learning. This is a vital skill to take with them when they go on to secondary school. We thank you for your continued support.


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