YEAR 6 Mathletics update

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We apologise that there have been a number of problems recently with Mathletics. This is because the package has been significantly updated in recent years to provide a much wider and richer set of resources for children to use. Unfortunately, this has led to some electronic conflict between the ways in which it was set, the content the children could access and they manner in which we have monitored it. Fortunately, these have all been resolved but has meant that the tasks that children were set has had to be reset. Their previous scores have been kept as have all of their awards.

As from now, the children have been set two tasks per night. They need to complete these before being able to access the freeplay activities on the site. All activities will be reset every Friday.

Mathletics is the premier maths site in the UK and the world. It has been proven to develop children’s maths significantly and we would like to encourage you and your children to take full advantage of the resources that it offers.

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