Homework due on Friday 12th October

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This week, our grammar focus will be on verbs. There are many different rules and conventions linked to verbs so we will be focusing on this for a number of weeks. This week, we are looking at verbs and what happens to them in the past tense. Regular verbs will add the suffix -ed to convert the verb to the simple past tense. Some examples of these are:

Walk – walked

Kick – kicked

Knock – Knocked.

We would like the children to write ten verbs that add -ed to make them past tense.

Some verbs have different past tense endings and conventions. Some examples are:

Run – ran

Think – thought

Dig – dug.

We would like the children to find ten verbs that have irregular past tense endings.

We would then like the children to choose three of their irregular verbs and write a sentence using them in context.

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